Why Do I Need An Oral Surgeon?

Have you had a tooth that has been painful for a long time? Maybe it is your jaw or your gums that are sore. A trip to the dentist may be productive and necessary. We are going to discuss if you need an oral or maxillofacial surgeon and how to differentiate them.

Oral Or Maxillofacial Surgery

The surgeon you are going to choose highly depends on what the dentist recommends. Maxillofacial dentists deal with problems related to the face and jaws. The surgeries are diseases and injuries in and around the mouth. Oral and maxillofacial dentists’ surgeons have undergone extra training to be able to perform the procedures intricately. The surgeons may deal with a wide range of dental situations.

Dental Situations

Most procedures involving teeth are due to wisdom teeth. The rest could be operated on if they have issues too. Overcrowding of teeth when they come out may lead to sore gums and pain in the jaws. The wisdom teeth may affect the nearby teeth leading to permanent damage. If not treated early it may lead to cysts and tumors. Dental implants require surgeons for placement. They have attached crowns on titanium implants placed inside the jaw. They are put to replace teeth that have been lost due to injuries or infections.

Jaw joint issues may also require surgical procedures. The hinge near the ears is crucial and may lead to problems such as stiffness, headaches, and jaw popping. Advanced cases of jaw joint issues may need more than medication. Overbite and underbites may need intervention by the surgeon. This occurs when the jaws are not aligned. It may lead to issues such as difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing, and breathing. Orthognathic surgery may be recommended by the dentist if they find solutions such as braces inadequate.

Offering Dental Care

If you are having dental problems, it is best to see a dentist. The pain in the mouth, teeth, or gums should not be ignored. If there is no available, try a local clinic where you might get help before you visit the dentist. We are available for dental care and procedures.