What Are The Dangers Of Having Missing Teeth?

The American College of Prosthodontics estimates about 120 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. Teeth can fall off after an accident or facial trauma. Dental conditions like tooth decay and periodontal diseases also lead to tooth loss. To avoid more dental complications, it is important to replace any missing teeth. 

Knowing The Effects Of Missing Teeth

If you do not replace missing teeth, it ends up affecting your dental health. Missing teeth cause the remaining teeth to shift from their original position. You develop an improper bite because of a few missing teeth. This can lead to headaches, tooth sensitivity, and jaw pain. Once a tooth is missing, the bone which supports it begins to deteriorate. If not replaced, it leads to jaw bone loss. 

Missing teeth affect your speech. Without a few of them, you end up slurring or mispronouncing simple words. Depending on which teeth are missing, eating and chewing can be difficult to do with solid foods. When missing a few teeth, your overall face shape changes and becomes droopy. 

Treatment Of Missing Teeth

At our clinic, we offer restorative dental treatments to give you healthy teeth once again. One of them is dental implants, which consist of screw-shaped titanium placed in the jawbone to support artificial crowns. They are a permanent solution to having multiple missing teeth and can last a lifetime. Dentures are removable teeth that replace either the upper or lower jaws. Our patients appreciate this option, since they are removable at night and are easy to clean. 

Missing teeth can negatively affect your look and confidence, so we offer the best dental care to restore your smile. If you have a few missing teeth that need replacing, visit our dental clinic or call to schedule your appointment today.