Tooth Extraction

You might be a little nervous if you’re facing a tooth extraction, but worry less for tooth extraction can be a relatively simple dental procedure. It’s the permanent removal of teeth by a pair of forceps or surgical methods. A tooth damaged by cavities may have to be repaired by crown or dental and tooth extraction near me. 

Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth may be extracted for various reasons, such as when a tooth fails to fit in the jawbone, milk teeth fail to fall to allow growth of permanent teeth, damage of a tooth due to injury or trauma, and tooth decay characterized by deep-rooted effects.

What Are The Types Of Teeth Extraction?

The oral surgeon or dentist checks the correct type of tooth extraction depending on the size, shape, and location in the mouth. Consult our surgeons for advice and recommendations for the best method that suits your prevailing situation. 

Simple Extraction

This entails the complete removal of teeth in your mouth by the dentist. The dentist removes the teeth by numbing them first before removing them with a pair of forceps. 

Surgical Extraction

An oral surgeon does complex procedures. It results from tooth breakages and failure to come out of the mouth in most cases. The surgeon might opt to administer a local anesthetic before treatment by making an incision into your gum. The anesthetic medication is used to minimize your anxiety during the procedure.

What Complications May Occur?

Dry socket

A dry socket involves exposure of the bone in the extraction area, which might result from a lack of blood clots. A dry socket can lead to bad breath and intense radiating pain. Fortunately, a dry socket can be eliminated by rinsing the affected area and placing a medicinal past to protect the bone. Avoid smoking after surgery to prevent dry sockets. 


A bacterial infection may occur after the surgery. Bacterial infection symptoms include fever, persistent swelling, pus, and redness around the surgery site. You can visit us now in case you need any tooth extraction services. Please book a consultation with our experienced surgeons for quality services today.