Signs The Pulp In Your Tooth Needs Help

Your tooth has an inner part called the pulp. This is the part of your tooth that is alive. The pulp is an important section that contains nerves, blood vessels, specialized cells, and connective tissue. The enamel and other outer layers of your tooth are tasked with protecting the pulp. If the tooth is damaged or infected by decay, the pulp becomes exposed. An exposed pulp is vulnerable to infections and needs immediate treatment. If you don’t get it treated, it will lead to infections whose symptoms can be very uncomfortable. Some of the symptoms include throbbing, extreme pain, tooth sensitivity, and decay.


If you are experiencing an uncomfortable and consistent throbbing in your tooth, your pulp could be infected. Throbbing is more rapid in the morning and after having hot drinks. If you notice these signs, come to our offices for immediate treatment. Ignoring this condition can lead to advanced signs like tooth pain.

Extreme Pain

Pulp infections cause sharp pain that can be unbearable. Given that the pulp is at the core of your teeth, the pain can easily spread to other areas. You are more likely to experience sharp pain when eating hard foods or foods with extreme temperatures such as ice since they cause more pain. Get in touch with us immediately you experience this symptom. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Another sign that your pulp needs help is tooth sensitivity. This is mostly experienced when you drink cold or hot beverages. With an exposed pulp, these drinks get in contact with it and produce a sharp sensitivity. The sensitivity caused by a pulp infection will quickly turn into a painful toothache.

Tooth Decay

Advanced cases of pulp infections will lead to tooth decay. The tooth will become damaged, leading to the entry of bacteria. The condition will get worse if not treated. Visit our offices for more information on how to diagnose and treat a pulp infection.