Management Of OMS Procedure Complications

Maxillofacial surgery aims to correct the face, mouth, neck, head, and jaw region abnormalities. After a maxillofacial procedure, healing solely relies on the system and the care given. Similar to all other procedures, maxillofacial surgery has various difficulties post-op. One has to return frequently for follow-ups to ensure the surgery site heals appropriately and treat any complications that may undermine healing. However, OMS surgeons are extensively trained to address difficulties arising from procedures. 

OMS Procedure Complications

After oral or maxillofacial surgery, one is likely to experience bleeding, numbness due to nerve damage, dry socket after a tooth extraction due to blood clotting or an infection that would lead to pus build-up. One is also likely to experience chronic pain and TMJ jaw complications where jaw movement is limited or impossible. An OMS procedure might result in a root fragment, a difficulty where a tooth bit breaks and stays underneath after surgery. Teeth, tongue, nasal, cheeks, sinuses, and other oral and facial tissue might be severely damaged after the surgery. On some occasions, the bones might fuse abnormally after a procedure and require additional surgery to correct the deformity.

OMS surgeons manage complications during follow-up appointments, for example, through medication. When a hemorrhage occurs, the surgeons have to assess the bleeding point and enable clotting of blood vessels through suturing. Antibacterial gels and medicine are also administered to remove bacteria, and the pus is cleaned out and treated. 

The dentist may recommend heat and ice packs to manage complications at home, reduce inflammation, and encourage blood circulation. It is important to rest adequately and avoid strenuous activities to avoid strain, swelling, and bleeding. Maintaining a soft and nutrient-dense diet and avoiding hard, chewy food is vital. Rinsing the mouth after a meal or snack helps keep bacteria away, and brushing and flossing at least twice a day.