What Causes Impacted Tooth?

You have just left the dentist and have been told you have an Impacted tooth maybe this is the first time you have heard this term and wondering what it means. Having an impacted wisdom tooth infection means that the tooth is not in the right position. For example, a tooth coming in the wrong direction or lacking space is what makes it impacted. Some of the reasons you have impacted teeth are discussed below. 


Most people with an impacted tooth issue can blame it on genetics. If one person from a certain family suffers from an impacted tooth, many other related individuals likely suffer from the same. Also, a parent can pass the impacted tooth issue to their child.

Wisdom Teeth

Among all the other teeth in a human being, wisdom teeth are likely to experience the issues. An impacted wisdom teeth happens when in children, especially if there is not enough space. Once the teeth erupt but fail to erupt completely, it results in impacted teeth.

Falling Out Baby Teeth

Children who are losing teeth are at high risk of experiencing impacted teeth. If there is any delay in falling out of teeth, the result has impacted teeth. Eruption of the baby’s teeth might never happen if anything is trapping. Harming of the roots of the teeth may also happen as the eruption happens halfway.

Removing A Baby’s Tooth

Extracting the tooth of a baby needs to be done on time. Any delay could lead to an impacted tooth. The tooth may not erupt if there is another tooth preventing it from popping out. Thus, always take your baby to a pediatric dentist on time to prevent any chance of an impacted tooth. The dentist can tell when it is time to get a tooth extracted to give space to the upcoming tooth. Besides, permanent teeth are bigger than milk teeth.