How Long Does It Take To Get Accustomed To Dentures?

Dentures are oral appliances used to replace missing teeth. These devices help restore your smile and get rid of the effects of tooth loss. However, as much as dentures come with a lot of benefits, it will take time to get used to them. Normally, it takes up to 30 days for your mouth to get used to new dentures. However, how you handle them in the first few days could go a long way in determining how they fit in. Therefore, you should apply these tips for quicker adoption.

Start With Soft Foods

When it comes to adjusting to new dentures, the type of foods you eat matters. You are advised to eat soft foods, especially during the first few weeks. Soft foods are easy to chew and won’t dislodge dentures out of place. They also reduce the risk of biting your tongue when eating. Hard foods are discouraged because they can scrap on your gums and affect the stability of your new dentures. Therefore, you should go for soft foods like pudding and mashed potatoes, which require effortless chewing. This will give time for you to adjust to the dentures. 

Take Smaller Bites

After eating soft foods for some time, you will have to progress to hard foods. When that time comes, you should start by taking smaller bites. You can cut the foods into small pieces before ingesting them. This is helpful because it is easy to chew hard foods with your back teeth. As you chew food, your jaws move side to side and up and down. These aggressive activities can affect your dentures, especially if they are not stable. Taking smaller bites will expose dentures to little activity, keeping them firm. This will help you get used to dentures within a shorter period. Contact us for more information on dentures.