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Bone Grafting After Wisdom Teeth
Dr. Wallace with patientFor patients aged 25 and older, Dr. Gannon, Dr. Lee, Dr. Sherry, or Dr. Wallace may recommend bone grafting following extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. Bone grafting promotes long-term health for the second molars (the teeth in front of the third molars, or wisdom teeth).

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause bone loss behind the second molars, which exposes the root surface. This can cause sensitivity to sugary food, liquids, heat, and cold. The risk of gum disease may increase, as well.

Your jawbone will not regenerate on its own. A bone graft is needed to provide protection and prevent problems. Our doctors perform bone grafts in our state-of-the-art, certified facility. You’ll receive exemplary care in a hospital-grade setting and be tended to by an expert oral surgery team.

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