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Dallas Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

3D Cone Beam


Here at Dallas Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we use the latest technologies available. One new technology that is used within our surgery is the 3D cone beam.

This is a type of specialized digital x-ray equipment which can be utilized when regular dental x-rays and facial x-rays are not sufficient to accurately assess the sizing and shape of dental implants to be used in your procedure.

This technology can be used to take a 3-dimensional image of not only your teeth but also soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in this single scan. This gives us a good idea of the structure of your mouth so that we can ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible with the best results.

One of the cons to this otherwise excellent procedure is that it does emit a significantly greater amount of radiation than other methods. Depending on the type of dental implant procedure, a 3D cone beam can provide the ability for more precise treatment planning.

High-Quality Images

The process for this type of x-ray is similar to many others used in dentistry in the modern age. Once in place, the cone-shaped beam of the x-ray moves around the patient to take a series of images. These are combined to give a 3D image for us to use for your dental implantation. This produces high-quality images, perfect for aiding an accurate procedure.

This technology was produced primarily to create high-quality images with a significantly smaller machine which can be purchased at a lesser cost than other similar x-ray machines. It is for this reason that they are more widely used in the dental community.

As well as its use with dental implantations, this technology can also be used to evaluate diseases of the bone in the jaw and other facial features such as the sinuses. However, for assessment of soft tissues, a conventional CT scan is more useful than the 3D cone beam, but it does emit a lower concentration of radiation in comparison. The treatment and planning for treatment of orthodontic issues is the primary use of the 3D cone beam CT scan. These problems include surgical planning for impacted teeth, accurate placement of dental implants, and reconstructive surgeries.

It is for all of the above reasons that we offer 3D cone beam CT at our practice. Although it is not the best choice for some dental procedures, it does provide very high-quality images and a thorough view of the entire area in question. When other technologies do not give as accurate imaging, we offer 3D cone beam CT at our practice and make sure that our clients get the best result possible from the dental implantation procedure. It is less expensive and provides a good quality image for us to assess your dental needs, which is a real draw of this process.

For more information about this technology, call the experienced professionals here at Dallas Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at 972-733-0414 today! Let us show you how it can help you improve your overall oral health.


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