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The All-on-4® treatment concept

Learn restorations on live patients

A continuous, live-patient education on restoring immediate-function, full-arch, implant-hybrid prostheses.

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What is the Dallas Implant Guild?

“The Guild” is a truly unique, hands-on, live-patient education on immediate hybrid prostheses. The Dallas Implant Guild started in 2010 with a live-patient surgery and has met monthly ever since. Most meetings are on Friday afternoon, conveniently outside your regular office hours.

We treat a new patient every 6 months, and perform their live surgery, on Saturdays, with immediate conversion of the denture to the prosthesis. We even get your staff involved with some meetings so they become more familiar with the process and improve their communication with patients.

Dallas Implant Guild is for you.

When the All-on-4® treatment concept was first introduced, it was dominated by large, corporate, all-in-one dental implant centers. There was no formal education for this protocol outside of a select number of prosthodontic and surgical residencies. Very little information was available to the general dentist for in-depth education.

We formed this educational program to collaborate with our dental colleagues on every aspect our patients may need. This allowed us to better learn from our restorative experts, and with our live patients, delve more completely into the details and nuances that will deliver a more efficient and esthetic result.

With the experience of the Dallas Implant Guild, you can have the confidence to deliver the best result every time, from first consult to final hybrid delivery. Come learn with us!

Why join Dallas Implant Guild?

The All-on-4® treatment concept has changed the dental landscape. Every major implant manufacturer has scrambled to make the same process available. Every dental clinic strives to be able to deliver this option to their patients.

If your office can’t deliver this type of prosthesis, then that patient will go to another office. If your staff can’t confidently answer phone calls about the All-on-4® treatment concept, that potential patient may call another office. If you don’t have the All-on-4® treatment concept in your armamentarium, you may lose your patient to a clinic down the street.

As a Dallas Implant Guild member, you will learn the skills to restore these cases, the tips to make it more efficient, and the confidence to help your patients. Dr. Steve Parel and Dr. John Wallace will guide you through each step. You gain the experience to deliver successful treatment in your office.


When can I start The Guild?
You can get started as soon as our next monthly meeting. Although we started in 2010, people have continued to join monthly. You don’t have to wait for the curriculum to “start over” but instead come when your schedule allows. Join us now and start learning the steps on live patients. In fact, if you treatment plan a case in your office, you will have experienced 1 to 2 live Guild patients before you start the final prosthesis on your own patient.

What does The Guild cost?
Your one-time tuition covers all of your learning for as many meetings as you choose to attend. Come one year or—like many members—attend the lectures that you want to master. Fill out the form on the reverse side of this brochure and send it in today!

Do Guild Fellows train for free?
Nothing in life is free, but as a Guild member, you can get your tuition back by earning your Fellowship. The Guild Fellowship tract is available for those who want to challenge themselves. Present your cases that have been completed with the Guild Team, from workup to the final prosthesis, review them with your peers at the Guild meeting, and earn back your tuition. Once you have completed 3 case presentations, you will have earned back all of your tuition and are eligible for Fellowship status.

What our members say.

dr-terrel-myers“The Implant Guild has been an incredible learning experience, not only for the hands-on technical teaching but the ability to share clinical experience with some of the best dentists in Dallas. We have the opportunity to follow each live patient from start to finish.”
Dr. Terrel Myers
Guild – since 2011

dr-terrel-myers“I had done hybrids before I joined, but with The Guild team, it is so much easier and efficient. The most important thing about the Guild: We continue to develop protocols and are updated on new materials and techniques continuously. With the Guild, I feel far more confident offering
these solutions to my patients!”
Dr. Kevin Potts
Guild – since 2012

dr-terrel-myers“The knowledge, skill, and confidence you will gain from attending the lectures and hands-on patient experiences will enable you to offer your patients more implant services, like the All-on-4®, as well as other options where you can use these techniques.”
Dr. Ken Hamlett
Guild – since 2010


Steve Parel, DDS, FACP

Restorative Director
Accomplished prosthodontist and one of the world’s foremost experts on the All-on-4® treatment concept, Dr. Parel serves as the Restorative Director of the Dallas Implant Guild. Over the last decade, he has restored over 3,000 arches using the All-on-4® treatment concept. Completing a prosthodontic residency as well as a fellowship in maxillofacial prosthodontics, Dr. Parel has received some of the highest honors such as the Andrew J. Ackerman Award for meritorious lifetime service in the field of maxillofacial prosthetics, the Distinguished Lecturer and Dan Gordon Awards from the American College of Prosthodontists, and is one of eight Brånemark Osseointegration Lifetime Achievement honorees. He has also served as president of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

John Wallace, DDS, MD

Surgical Advisor
Founding surgeon of Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in 2005, Dr. Wallace quickly established the Dallas Study Club then developed the nation’s first continuous live-patient education for immediate hybrid therapy, The Dallas Implant Guild, out of a need for improving patient care. He serves as medical director for the Woodhill Surgery Center and is on the board of directors for Smile Bangladesh, a non-profit that provides cleft lip and palate surgery in South Asia.

With the experience of the Dallas Implant Guild, you can have the confidence to deliver the best result every time, from first consult to final hybrid delivery.

• Acrylic with titanium framework hybrids
• Zirconia and ceramic hybrid options
• Staff education and scripting
• Turnkey efficiency and treatment
• The Guild Systems from beginning to end of hybrid solutions!

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