How well will I be able to eat with my new dentures?

The process of getting dentures brings up a lot of questions in many patients, and one common concern is the patient’s ability to continue to enjoy his or her favorite foods.

This will depend on the kind of dentures the patient chooses. Conventional dentures, which replace only the missing crown portions of the teeth, have no physical link to the jaw, and this characteristic may make them less efficient and effective at chewing.

Implant supported dentures are another option for edentulous patients, and one benefit of this approach is improved chewing function.

The oral surgeon places a number of dental implants into the jaw to secure the prosthetic arch, which is designed to slide over the implants and lock into place. As few as four implants may be used to support an upper or lower denture.

Because implant supported dentures have this connection with the jaw, they are better able to withstand chewing forces to a degree similar to natural teeth. It’s less likely that you’ll have to cut out your favorite healthy foods, like crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables, with implant supported dentures.

Patients should still use common sense when chewing or biting with their implant supported dentures. Don’t eat or bite anything hard that has the potential to damage natural teeth.

Implant supported dentures come with other advantages beyond improved chewing function. Serving as artificial tooth roots, the implants help to prevent the jawbone erosion that occurs after tooth loss.

Implant supported dentures also are more secure, and they feel more like your natural teeth, too. Patients who choose implant supported dentures often feel that they can smile with a confidence that dentures can’t replicate.

If you have concerns about your diet post-dentures, discuss your options with an oral surgeon as you decide between implant supported dentures and conventional appliances. Gather as much information as possible before implant placement so that you can plan for life with your new implant supported dentures.

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