Dental Implants: Is sedation an option?

Dental implants appeal to many patients because they are so convenient and durable. Indeed, the advances made possible by implant dentistry have revolutionized tooth replacement.

However, some patients may still be hesitant to move forward with the devices out of fear that the process will involve a lot of pain.

That’s not the case. The oral surgeon who places your dental implants can provide you with a variety of sedation options.

The first piece of sedation for dental implants involves local anesthesia. This step numbs the implant site, ensuring patient comfort during the surgical procedure.

The vast majority of patients will opt for additional sedation beyond the local anesthetic. With this sedation, the patient receives medications that encourage a state of deep relaxation. Patients remain conscious while under sedation, which makes this approach safer than the general anesthesia often used for such patients in the past.

Additionally, sedation allows patients to tolerate longer treatment sessions, which is particularly beneficial for patients receiving multiple dental implants.

Not only are patients deeply relaxed during the dental implant placement procedure, the sedative leaves them with little memory of the process afterword. This is another benefit that makes sedation attractive to many patients.

The sedatives can be delivered directly into the blood stream intravenously, achieving a nearly instantaneous effect.

IV sedation is highly effective and safe, and our team takes steps to ensure patient safety during sedation, as well. Patients are monitored for any concerning changes in their condition while under sedation.

Some patients will still prefer general anesthesia to sedation, and that method is an option for dental implant placement as well. Oral surgeons who have both medical and dental training are qualified to administer anesthesia, and our personnel is trained in various resuscitative and life support techniques for the rare instances in which they are needed.

In the process of planning for your dental implants, talk with your oral surgeon about the sedation options available to you. The oral surgeon can give you guidance in making the decision by reviewing aspects of your medical history as well as your personal preferences that will affect your choice.

To learn more about your options, contact our experienced team at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to schedule a professional consultation.