Benefits of implant-supported dentures

It is possible to enjoy the advantages of a complete set of teeth without the problems commonly associated with traditional dentures. Although tooth loss is an unfortunate reality for many adults, there is a wildly successful option for rebuilding your smile and restoring your confidence. Adults who have lost all of the upper or lower teeth are discovering a renewed sense of confidence with implant supported dentures in Dallas.

By using dental implants to enhance your new or existing denture, your oral surgeon has the ability to stabilize your entire bite pattern, improve your appearance, and increase your level of comfort. The benefits of this state of the art technique can elevate your entire denture experience to a whole new level:

Artificial tooth roots maintain the vitality of the gums and jaw bone. The implant portion of your new smile will be securely anchored to your jaw bone. Functioning as a series of artificial tooth roots, the implants provide the stimulation necessary to preserve the structure of your jaw bone. This stimulation is critical in preventing bone loss as well as the deterioration of your gum tissue.

Implant retained dentures enable denture patients to properly chew a variety of food textures. The fact that the denture is anchored by dental implants means that chewing firm foods can be possible. Maintaining a balanced diet, with lots of fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables is important to your overall health. With dental implants, your teeth will be strong enough to bite and tear firmly textured foods with ease.

No slipping or clicking during chewing or speaking, and no need for denture adhesives. There will be a certain amount of relief when you realize that your denture can stay in place without any outside assistance. Not only will you save money in the drugstores, but you will also be free from worrying about your teeth becoming unglued throughout the day.

Compared to traditional dentures, implant retained dentures feel more comfortable and look more like your natural teeth. To learn more about the benefits of implant retained dentures, secure your appointment today.