Crown Lengthening: Purpose and procedure

An oral surgeon is much more than a specialist who can extract wisdom teeth. Sometimes an oral surgeon can play a major role in saving your teeth as well. Working together with your general dentist, your oral surgeon serving Dallas TX can provide specialized treatment that is vital to the success of your dental care.

For instance, when your dentist recommends a dental crown to restore a damaged or weakened tooth, there must be an adequate amount of tooth structure to anchor the dental crown. The crown is designed to completely cover and surround the portion of the tooth above the gumline. Sometimes referred to as a cap, the crown can strengthen and restore the integrity of the tooth. In some cases, the tooth may be broken or decayed down to the gumline, significantly reducing the amount of available tooth structure.

To place a dental crown on a tooth in this condition is to greatly reduce the chances that the crown will be successful. There is a great risk that the crown will fit poorly or be dislodged during normal eating or drinking. Rather than place a crown with a poor prognosis, or even worse, extract the tooth, there is a widely accepted procedure designed to save your natural tooth.

In order to increase the stability and function of the crown, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for a procedure known as crown lengthening. In the crown lengthening procedure, your oral surgeon will essentially reduce the height of the gum and bone around the tooth in order to reveal more tooth structure. By revealing more of the tooth structure, your oral surgeon can provide a sturdier foundation upon which your dentist may anchor your new dental crown.

The crown lengthening procedure can be performed in a single office visit with the use of local anesthesia. Once the area has adequately healed, you will be instructed to return to your general dentist for the completion of your dental crown.

If you feel that crown lengthening may be the right choice for you, contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates today to schedule your appointment.