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Multiple Dental Implants
Oral Surgeon Dallas

Losing a tooth due to gum disease or an accident is fairly common. However, multiple dental implants can be an excellent choice to replace lost teeth. Multiple dental implants are a form of prosthesis that our dentists use to replace your missing teeth. These tooth-like implants are placed inside your jawbone. The procedure we will use to place your multiple dental implants depends on the health of your gums and the damage to your teeth. Get in touch with us at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates if you want to experience an attractive, high-quality, and affordable multiple dental implant procedure for your missing teeth.

Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple tooth dental implants look and function like your natural teeth, and they do not require support from your other teeth. They require less time for maintenance, and you can brush and floss daily, as you would your regular teeth. Another fantastic advantage is that these implants slowly substitute teeth roots and preserve your jawbone. Multiple tooth dental implants also enhance your natural smile by keeping your jawbone strong and healthy.

Recovery Time for Multiple Dental Implants

It is difficult to tell the exact time needed for multiple tooth dental implants to heal because every patient is unique. The health of your gums and the number of implanted teeth can affect how long your implants take to heal. Specific dental implant procedures such as bone grafting also increase the length of the healing process. Your healing time can be shorter or longer, depending on your lifestyle habits.

For example, if you are a cigarette smoker, it is advisable that you quit or avoid cigarettes for a couple of weeks after having multiple dental implants installed. Minimizing your smoking habit will reduce your healing time much faster. It is also recommended that after getting your implants, you should eat soft foods for approximately seven weeks. We may give you pain medication in cases where you experience pain and your jaw swells after your dental implant surgery. This type of pain is not severe and only lasts for a couple of days.

How to Recover Faster After Getting Multiple Tooth Dental Implants

After getting your multiple tooth dental implants, you should make sure to get adequate rest and minimize daily activities, such as exercising in the gym or going for your morning run. After surgery, your mouth and gums will be more sensitive and may be swollen. You will need to be more careful with how you brush your teeth or floss. It is advisable to buy a toothbrush with soft bristles. Remember to eat soft foods for a few weeks after your dental surgery. That will help you avoid the pain of chewing hard foods. After surgery, your gums will be a bit sore, and eating soft foods will help minimize your healing time.

Tooth loss can sometimes be embarrassing, especially if it affects your smile and confidence. It does not matter whether you lost your teeth through gum disease or a traumatic experience. At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates we can help restore your beautiful smile and boost your confidence. To find out more on how multiple tooth dental implants can benefit you, please call us at 214-363-9946 today.

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Get in touch with us at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates if you want to experience an attractive, high-quality, and affordable multiple dental implant procedure for your missing teeth.
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