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Benefits of Dental Implants
Dallas, TX

Image of a patient looking at a dental implant model, at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Dallas, TX. Dental implants are used as an artificial replacement for your tooth's root, and they fit perfectly on the jawbone to offer support to an artificial tooth or crown. The installation process is surgical and involves numbing your mouth and the surgical insertion of the implants. This procedure can take six to 12 months to complete. Our dentists at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates are professionals in the placement of dental implants. We will discuss the many benefits of dental implants so that you can be fully informed before making any decision.

They are Durable

If you have missing teeth due to trauma, severe gum disease, or tooth decay, among other dental issues, an implant is the standard treatment option you should consider. Their durability makes them better than other dental surgery options. These options will last for a lifetime with proper dental care tips. Dental implants are more durable when considering dental implants vs. bridges and offer lifetime protection. Bridges are weaker and will only last five to seven years before warranting a replacement.

Prevent Bone Loss

There are many effects of tooth loss, such as decreased volume and density of the jawbone. The moment you lose any tooth, the jawbone is not stimulated. In the long run, it will cease to regenerate, leading to a deterioration in volume mass. The implants help minimize bone resorption.

Dental Implants Replace All Teeth

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of complete loss of teeth. The effects of tooth loss are jawbone recession and difficulty biting and chewing food. You can replace a complete set of teeth with implants. Full arch implants are the best option for replacing the lower and upper teeth.

Look and Feel Natural

The leading role of the implant is to act as an artificial root for the teeth. Our dentist will then attach a crown on the outer surface. This crown is designed to mimic the look and color of your natural teeth. They offer excellent aesthetics and are comfortable to wear.

Prevent Crooked Teeth

When you lose one or more teeth, you may start to notice your remaining teeth tilting toward the open gap. These teeth will become loose or crooked and prevent a normal bite. Crooked or loose teeth are vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. The implants help protect the remaining teeth and ensure they are in a good position.

Improve Your Speech

Your teeth allow you to pronounce words correctly. In combination with the lips, vocal cords, and tongue, the teeth can help you produce phonetic sounds. Implants combined with artificial teeth ensure you speak and pronounce words well.

We have a qualified dentist at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates that will evaluate your teeth and decide whether you are a candidate for these dental surgery options. Our team will also discuss dental implants vs. bridges to help you decide which is the most ideal for you. We are committed to offering high quality services that exceed our clients' expectations. Ensure you reach us at 214-363-9946 for more information and schedule an appointment with our experts.
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