Dental Implants

Have you heard about permanent dental implants? Implants are a wonderful option to root canals with crowns and bridges. That’s because all crowns and bridges have a limited life span …and can break, fracture or separate unexpectedly, causing pain and embarassment. They also need extra care in everyday cleaning, as well as regular maintenance from a dental professional. Full dentures and partials can leave you feeling insecure at the dinner table and severely limits the types of foods that can be enjoyed.

The answer is permanent dental implants!

Dallas Oral Surgery Associates have an amazing solution for you, with all of the advantages of natural teeth. With permanent dental implants, you can eat all kinds of food-including old favorites-with confidence. Even people who have been told they can’t get dental implants, as recently as a year ago, now can, using the latest technology. The doctors at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates can complete your procedure in a single day. And we’re pleased to tell you that most people say their experience was painless.