Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Implants

implant dentistry PlanoDental implants are unique because they are the only structurally complete tooth replacement available to patients who have experienced tooth loss. Those structural characteristics give dental implants multiple benefits in contrast to conventional appliances, like dentures and dental bridges.

Dental Implant Technology

The technology involved in implant dentistry facilitates dental implants becoming integrated into the jawbone. Because dental implants are made of biocompatible titanium, the surrounding bone tissue fuses with the implant. That bond takes several months to solidify after the oral surgeon inserts the dental implant in the jaw.

The osseointegration process allows the dental implant to serve as an artificial root, which is an important component of a biological tooth. Conventional tooth replacement appliances fail to replace the roots of the tooth, and they lack many qualities as a result.

Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry offers patients numerous benefits over conventional appliances, including the following:

  1. Improved stability: By functioning similar to tooth roots, dental implants preserve the integrity of the jawbone tissue. The jaw’s shape remains stable over time, so the appliance retains its fit. In conventional appliances, however, the jawbone erodes and the shape changes, causing the appliance to become loose over time.
  2. Improved chewing function: The bond between the bone and the dental implant allows the implant to tolerate strong chewing forces approximating those absorbed by biological teeth. Therefore, patients can continue to process a variety of foods and enjoy a typical diet.
  3. Improved convenience: Patients who consult with an oral surgeon to get dental implants gain convenience from the treatment. It’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene habits with an implant-supported crown than a dental bridge, which restricts access to the gumline.
  4. No impact on surrounding teeth: Dental implants stand alone, so they do not require healthy enamel on adjacent teeth to be sacrificed for crown placement to secure a pontic (artificial tooth).
  5. More secure fit: The implant-supported appliance is anchored into the jaw, so patients don’t need to worry about a slip-up at the worst time. This allows patients to smile and speak with self-confidence.

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