How Dental Implants Have Revolutionized Treatment for Tooth Loss

dental implants PlanoDental implants tackle tooth loss differently than any other kind of restorations or prosthetics. Dental implants are considered a game-changer for tooth replacement because the implants themselves successfully replace the roots of teeth.

Not only will dental implants produce a durable base for natural looking and natural feeling replacement teeth, they will help patients retain existing biological teeth and bone. Dental implants support the placement of neighboring biological teeth and keep bone stimulated in the same way that the roots of teeth keep bone active.

Read on for more information about dental implants and how our oral surgeons can help you.

Replacing a Tooth’s Roots

The first step of the total tooth replacement process is to place a dental implant into the jawbone through an empty tooth socket. In the months following this first procedure, our team will closely monitor the patient to ensure that the implant becomes stable. After receiving a dental implant, a patient will then return to our practice for follow-up appointments to check on the bone’s progress of integrating to titanium – the metal from which dental implants are constructed.

Replacing Visible Tooth Structure

After dental implants are stabilized by bone, patients will receive their custom, permanent restoration or prosthetic. For single tooth replacement, patients will receive a custom dental crown. Those in need of more than one replacement tooth might receive a bridge or partial denture.

Once the tooth replacement process is complete, people with implants can enjoy renewed oral function that will not result in unwanted dietary restrictions. Stable dental implants and their restorations make lifelike, healthy oral function possible again after tooth loss. Implants and their restorations will also restore the appearance of a person’s smile.

If you have questions about the treatment process or whether dental implants meet your needs, we encourage you to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our caring team at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates.