Will dentures make me look different?

dentures DallasYes, actually. Dentures will make you look different. Fortunately, today’s dentures can provide an instant lift to the face, especially when anchored to dental implants. All-on-4 is a great way to upgrade the functionality of conventional dentures for optimal oral function.

Ill-fitting prosthetics or edentulous patients not wearing prosthetics can attest to how their appearance can look substantially older than they should. Without properly fitting dentures, one’s face can appear sunken in – especially in the cheek and mouth area. New, custom made dentures can fill in the cheeks and mouth in a way that complements one’s face shape. Moreover, a set of white, beautiful new teeth is a great way to make a person appear youthful and full of life.

Will dentures feel comfortable?

Dentures make for excellent replacement teeth – especially among edentulous patients. Once people become accustomed to the weight and feel of their prosthetics, wearing them is not uncomfortable. However, when a person first receives dentures, he or she will need to adjust to them. This adjustment period typically only takes a couple weeks.

Why are dentures custom made?

Everyone has unique oral anatomy. The shape and size of a person’s mouth varies. Even the shape and size of the jawbones differs from person to person. For this reason, the only way dentures will look and feel comfortable is to be specifically made for a person. The process of making dentures begins with a person having molds of their jaws (and gingiva) taken. Photographs and diagnostic images are helpful for determining the specifications of prosthetics, too. Dentures are then made by technicians in dental laboratories to very precise dimensions.

What are the benefits of All-on-4?

All-on-4 presents unique advantages to patients. First, attaching an arch of dentures to dental implants will greatly increase their stability. With dental implants, prosthetic teeth will not move during eating and speaking. Secondly, dental implants help bone stay active so that bone deterioration after tooth loss is less likely.

There are numerous reasons to choose All-on-4. This tooth loss solution effectively increases oral function and improves appearance. Call us today at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to reserve an All-on-4 consultation.