Restore Your Mouth’s Maximum Function with All-on-4

All-on-4 DallasPatients who choose conventional dentures to restore a missing smile often find that the appliances come up short in terms of functionality. In fact, they are structurally incomplete, lacking root structures, so they are not as effective at chewing. Jawbone erosion is also a problem with conventional dentures. Fortunately, patients have a more structurally – and functionally – complete tooth replacement with All-on-4.

All-on-4 uses four dental implants to secure the denture to the jaw. The denture is specially designed to slide over the dental implants and lock into place.

Dental implants offer a revolutionary tooth replacement option because the bone forms a strong bond with an implant’s titanium surface in the months after the oral surgeon inserts the implant into the patient’s jaw. This osseointegration process leaves the dental implant as a permanent fixture in the jaw and allows it to perform the same functions that a biological tooth’s root does.

Therefore, implant-supported dentures like All-on-4 help to preserve the jawbone’s integrity and prevent its erosion following tooth loss. This results in positive outcomes including improved fit of the appliance over time and consistent facial appearance.

Dental implants also are able to withstand fairly strong chewing forces, so patients who opt for All-on-4 typically can continue to enjoy all of their favorite foods, unlike conventional denture wearers who often need to adopt dietary restrictions due to their limited chewing ability.

Although bone loss can often present an obstacle to dental implant placement, the oral surgeon places the All-on-4 implants at the front of the jaw, where the bone atrophies more gradually. Therefore, even long-time denture wearers who have already suffered bone loss at the rear of the jaw often still qualify for this treatment.

Dental implant placement does require a surgical procedure, although it takes place in an outpatient setting and patients are usually able to resume most normal activity within a few days. Nonetheless, you should discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure thoroughly with your surgeon before making your treatment decision. Also be sure that you understand all pre-operative and post-operative instructions so that you can reduce your risk of complications.

Do you want a more stable, functional restoration for your missing smile? Consider All-on-4 as a possible solution. Call Dallas Oral Surgery Associates today to schedule a consultation.