3D Imaging Technology Can Enhance Patient Care

best oral surgeons DFWChances are you have probably seen diagnostic technology in the medical and dental fields drastically improve over the years. One state-of-the-art technology that is becoming more widely used in all types of medical specialty is 3D imaging. From sonograms to X-rays, three-dimensional images greatly enhance patient care. Our doctor, one of the best oral surgeons in our area, is proud to offer this amazing technology for our patients to improve diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions.

How 3D Images Improve Patient Care

When diagnosing or developing treatment plans, three-dimensional images provide very detailed views of the craniofacial region. For diagnoses, this type of imaging can reveal the health of mineralized tissues including the roots of teeth and the density of facial bones. The images are displayed on high-definition monitors so that our oral surgeon can zoom in on certain areas of the image to take a close look if needed. The ability to zoom on images also helps provide visual references when educating patients on oral health conditions.

For developing treatment plans, 3D images allow our team to precisely plan procedures, which can reduce operating times and increase the success rate of particular surgeries such as the placement of dental implants. When preparing to place implants or perform a surgical graft, our oral surgeon uses these images to develop surgical guides so that treatment is as precise as possible.

This technology is also used for practicing virtual surgery prior to treating a patient. The images along with computer programs allow for very precise pre-surgical planning.

How 3D Imaging Works

Three-dimensional imaging does not take much longer than receiving an X-ray, and for the patient, the process is quite simple. Patients will sit in an upright position while a scanner pans around the head and neck to capture the images. Taking just a few seconds, the images are then sent in digital format to a computer. This device also allows for easy transfer of diagnostic imaging to other health professionals.

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