How Will Dental Implants Affect My Life?

dental implants DFWLosing teeth in adulthood will impact nearly every facet of your daily life. From experiencing difficulty eating food to feeling embarrassed by the gaps in your smile, tooth loss is devastating to many patients. When reviewing replacement tooth options, our oral surgeon strongly encourages patients to consider dental implants. These durable and permanent replacement teeth provide numerous benefits to patients. In fact, our patients who have received implants report that their quality of life has drastically improved. They feel confident to smile and interact with others and enjoy eating many types of food without difficulty.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are revolutionary in replacing lost teeth because they address more than just the loss of visible tooth structure. Implants replace tooth structures below the gums. With a post made of titanium, implants are embedded into the jawbone so that they can replace a tooth’s biological root. Over time, bone will fuse around the post to anchor it in place. Once this process is complete, an artificial, custom crown is attached to the implant to restore the entire lost tooth. 

Losing teeth in adulthood will impact nearly every facet of your daily life.

Are dental implants comfortable?

Once the implantation process is complete, the dental implant will feel and function like a natural tooth. This is because the custom crown is made to precisely fit a patient’s mouth and will not move like removable prosthetics do. Unlike dentures, which are removed for cleaning, implants are treated just like biological teeth. Patients will brush and floss their teeth as normal, too.

How do I know if implants are right for me?

The best candidates for dental implants need to be healthy enough to undergo oral surgery and should possess enough jawbone to support the titanium post of the implant. However, patients with inadequate bone mass may be eligible for grafting procedures to help improve the implant’s success. The only way to know for sure if implants are right for you is to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeons for a consultation and examination.

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