Upgrade Denture Stability with Dental Implants

implant supported dentures DallasMany denture wearers have an unfortunate story of a time when their appliances unexpectedly came loose, causing a great deal of embarrassment.

Patients who feel that their conventional dentures are not secure enough can explore dental implants as an upgrade to their appliance. Implant supported dentures can help patients avoid an untimely slip-up and gain many more benefits beyond that.

When an oral surgeon places dental implants in the jaw, the surrounding bone forms a bond with those implants, creating a stronger attachment than any dental adhesive can possibly achieve.

As such, implant supported dentures will always stay in place, giving patients peace of mind when speaking or eating.

While we’re on the subject of eating, implant supported dentures are also more effective at chewing because of their physical link to the jaw. If you thought that getting dentures meant giving up many of your favorite foods, implant supported dentures can help you to continue to enjoy those meals.

Long-term stability is another advantage of implant supported dentures. The implants replace the structure of the absent roots of the teeth. In this way, they help to anchor the jawbone, which erodes when there is no available structure to hold it in place.

That is why the jaw changes shape and conventional dentures lose their fit over time. This effect is reduced in dental implant patients, so implant supported dentures remain more secure.

Patients who would like to get implant supported dentures should be evaluated by an oral surgeon, especially those who have worn dentures for a number of years. Bone loss can present an obstacle to dental implant placement, as insufficient bone material at the implant site can lead to premature dental implant failure. However, there are a number of techniques and procedures that an oral surgeon can use to place dental implants in patients who have experienced some bone loss.

If you have been dissatisfied with your conventional dentures, consider upgrading to dental implants. Talk to our oral surgeons, Drs. Sherry and Wallace, to learn whether this treatment is possible in your case.