Wisdom teeth removal: What are pre-extraction considerations?

wisdom teeth removal DallasMany patients choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted to prevent the issues that can arise from impacted wisdom teeth. A successful experience with wisdom teeth removal begins well before the extraction procedure itself. The process must be carefully planned to maximize the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Therefore, patients and their oral surgeons must consider a number of factors prior to wisdom teeth removal. These issues can all be reviewed or discussed during the treatment planning process.

The first aspect that can influence the treatment plan is any uncontrolled gum disease at the extraction site. If the oral surgeon removes a wisdom tooth when gum disease is present, the patient may have an increased risk of post-operative infection. Patients should have their gum disease treated before moving forward with wisdom teeth removal.

The patient also must be in good enough health overall to tolerate the surgical procedure. There may be special considerations for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Your oral surgeon will review your medical history prior to wisdom teeth removal, as well.

Prior to the procedure, you also will need to decide on the method of sedation for the procedure. The oral surgeon will review the various options with you. If you choose intravenous sedation, your oral surgeon likely will instruct you to avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight before your scheduled appointment.

Because it is more challenging to remove the wisdom teeth in patients in their late twenties and beyond, a patient’s age may also be an important consideration. Older patients may still be able to have their wisdom teeth extracted, but the oral surgeon may take a different approach.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common oral surgery procedure, but it still involves certain risks as any surgery does. Your oral surgeon will thoroughly review your case to minimize those risks and reduce the chance of complications following the surgery. Be sure to follow our oral surgeon’s instructions for pre-operative and post-operative care.

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