Adjusting to Dentures: What should I expect during the first few weeks?

dentures DallasLosing teeth is distressing for many patients because speaking and eating is difficult. An incomplete smile is also difficult for patients on a psychological level. It is not out the ordinary for patients to develop a depressed mood or a lack of self-esteem. Some patients may even develop social phobias because they feel embarrassed by their appearance. Fortunately, our oral surgeon can remedy the negative effects of tooth loss with implant-supported dentures. Using the revolutionary All-on-4 method, patients enjoy a complete and stable smile that functions well and appears natural.

How do implants support dentures?

Dental implants are small titanium rods that resemble a screw. They are used to replace a single tooth or support a full arch of prosthetic teeth. When used for supporting dentures, our oral surgeon will surgically embed four implants in the upper or lower jaw in strategic locations. Because of their positioning, patients enjoy a stable anchor or pillar for their dentures. This allows patients to eat without difficulty and speak easily. Their dentures will not move in their mouths as traditional dentures do—especially dentures that have worn for years. Furthermore, sticky adhesives are not required to keep dentures in place. 

Using the revolutionary All-on-4 method, patients enjoy a complete and stable smile that functions well and appears natural.

What should I expect after my procedure?

If you are receiving All-on-4 dentures, you will undergo an oral surgery where the titanium implants are placed into your jawbone. During your procedure, our team will use sedative and anesthetic medication to ensure your comfort and relaxation. A set of prosthetic teeth will also be made for you in a dental laboratory. Your prosthetic teeth will be tailored to precise measurements determined by our oral surgeon so that you enjoy a comfortable fit and natural look. Just like receiving any type of prosthetics to replace lost teeth, there will be a period of adjustment. This period varies from patient to patient as they become accustomed to their new teeth. Many patients receiving All-on-4 dentures report a shorter adjustment period than patients with traditional dentures.

Our team will provide a packet of information for you to read for your procedure so you know what to expect and how to care for your new smile. To schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our oral surgeons, contact either of our convenient practice locations today.