Sedation for Dental Implant Treatment: Will I remember anything?

implant dentistry DFWAs bio-compatible tooth replacements, implant dentistry offers unprecedented security and stability. These durable replacements function just like natural teeth. Consisting of two components, a dental implant has a titanium rod, which is embedded directly into the jawbone through an empty tooth socket. The titanium rod serves as a tooth’s roots while the second component, a man-made crown fills in the empty tooth socket above the gum line and provides a stable biting surface that is also aesthetically pleasing. 

…our team will ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

An Anxiety-Free Experience with Sedation

When our oral surgeon determines that you are a candidate for dental implants, an appointment will be scheduled for your implant dentistry procedure. Because embedding dental implants into the jawbone is a surgical procedure, our team will ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. Not only do our oral surgeons have extensive experience with placing implants, our doctors hold certification to administer IV sedation and general anesthesia.

IV sedation involves safely administering anti-anxiety medication in a very controlled environment. Because these medications are delivered intravenously, our doctors can closely monitor the dosage needed to produce optimal comfort and relaxation for our patients without the need for full anesthesia. Anti-anxiety medications diminish feelings of worry, panic, and stress while also promoting a calm, sedative effect. Sedation during a dental implant procedure is mutually beneficial to patients and our doctors because while patients are fully relaxed and comfortable, our oral surgeons can perform surgery without obstruction.

While IV sedation differs from general anesthesia, patients’ level of recollection during their procedures varies. Some patients may remember nothing at all or very little while others may remember much more. However, because IV sedation places patients in a state of total relaxation, patients enjoy a pleasant experience. An additional benefit to IV sedation is that our patients require less post-operative recovery time when compared to the recovery needed after receiving general anesthesia.

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