Dental Implant Treatment: What questions should I ask my oral surgeon?

cost of dental implants dallasOral surgeons and dental professionals regard dental implants as one of the best ways to replace missing teeth because they offer durability and full restoration of tooth function. Normally implanted by an oral surgeon, dental implants feature a titanium rod and a specially made crown. Dental implants are permanent and unlike dentures, they are not removable. While the cost of dental implants is more expensive than other prosthetics, dental implants last for decades and do not require routine replacements like dentures and bridges.

If you have experienced tooth loss and are looking to learn more about your tooth replacement options, we strongly encourage you to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon. At your consultation, our team will assess your overall health along with the current state of your oral health and the underlying reason for your tooth loss. Patients with healthy jaws and gums are likely candidates for dental implants.

During your consultation, feel free to ask our oral surgeon about the benefits of dental implants over traditional tooth replacement prosthetics like full and partial dentures. For example, patients with dentures experience bone and gum degeneration over time while patients with dental implants typically enjoy better gum and bone health.

You may want to inquire about the process of placing dental implants, specifically the recovery period after surgery. For patients concerned with the cost of dental implants, we encourage you to consider a dental implant as a long-term investment that can ultimately save you a substantial amount of money in the future. Furthermore, our office provides guidance with insurance coverage and can even help arrange monthly payment plans with Care Credit, a medical financing lender, to make your treatment more affordable. Funds in health savings cards may also be applied to the cost of dental implants and oral surgeries.

To learn more about dental implants and how they can improve the appearance of your smile and your quality of life, contact either of our oral surgery offices to reserve a consultation with our oral surgeon.