How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants?

In the early years of implant dentistry, having an artificial tooth surgically implanted could take a very long time. It was a procedure that had to be performed in multiple stages with several months of waiting time between each stage.

Today, your oral surgeon can perform an implant surgery in a much shorter period of time, with a nearly perfect success rate, and impeccable precision. Now, a dental implant surgery that may have taken as long as a year to complete can be finished in just a few months, and in some instances, a single visit.

Although the treatment times for dental implants have been shortened considerably, the quality and success of the procedure has improved incredibly. Amazing advancements in digital imaging have made it possible for your oral surgeon to accurately visualize the anatomy of the bones, nerves, and neighboring teeth. This information ensures that the implant post is placed in the perfect position on the very first attempt in a procedure that is described as “minimally invasive”.

Modern technology hasn’t just improved the quality of our imaging equipment, it has also improved the quality of the materials that are used to complete the surgery. There is a wider range of implant posts and abutments, as well as bone grafting materials and gum grafting materials. In the past, an implant may not have been possible for a patient with a thin jaw bone, a narrow space between the teeth, or receding gums. It might have been necessary to wait 9 months for the bone to heal after an extraction before an implant could be placed in the same location.

Thanks to this new age in implant dentistry, these types of circumstances can be overcome, and your new tooth can still be completed in a more timely fashion than ever before.

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