What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants certainly isn’t free, but it’s an expense that is easily justified when you consider the true cost of tooth loss. In fact, when you decide to have an implant placed, you will learn that it is a worthwhile procedure that has become more affordable and widely accessible over the last two decades.

In planning to have your missing tooth replaced, you will have an opportunity to discuss all of the fees and estimated expenses with your oral surgeon. This estimate will include all aspects of the surgical procedure, anesthesia, and the assorted implant parts that will be used to construct your artificial tooth. To calculate the full cost of your dental implants, remember to ask about the additional restorations that might be used to complete the process, such as dentures, partials, or custom dental crowns.

If you are comparing the cost of dental implants to the cost of alternative procedures such as a bridge or denture, it pays to take the long-term costs under consideration. Ongoing expenses like repairs, adjustments, and replacements can send the price of the least expensive tooth replacement through the roof!

Fortunately, costly and unexpected expenses are virtually non-existent with implants. They can be counted on to stay in position throughout your lifetime, as long as you maintain good health and diligent oral hygiene. Implants don’t require specialized maintenance, home equipment, or modifications over the years. Since they are not removable, they can’t be dropped or lost, and the way that your artificial teeth fit will never change.

What’s the value of a replacement tooth that won’t deteriorate or decline over time? How much would you pay for teeth that won’t keep costing you money after you’ve already paid for them once? How much could you enhance the quality of your life when you’ve got a smile that won’t let you down by breaking, falling out, or wearing out?

For the answers to these questions and more, talk to our oral surgery team about dental implants today.