Which Teeth Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

Under the proper circumstances, today’s modern dental implants can be used to replace virtually any missing tooth. Since implants were made commercially available more than 30 years ago, leaders in the field of implant dentistry have continued to develop replacement teeth that would suit the broad needs of our population. The result has been artificial teeth that are appropriate for replacing the front or back teeth of men and women, both the young and the elderly.

Implant technology has evolved to encompass the needs of patients who may be missing single teeth and those who are missing every tooth. The shapes and sizes of the posts, abutments, and other attachments are available in a dizzying assortment of varieties. These options can be configured to maximize the success of the procedure in terms of its long-term usefulness and also its esthetic value. Ultimately, this high level of customization will result in an artificial tooth that works hard and looks great at the same time.

According to the dimensions of the tooth that is to be replaced, your oral surgeon will work to place an implant that mimics both the shape and size of the original tooth. In cases where the original tooth has been missing for an extended period of time, an implant will be selected that is appropriate for the current volume and thickness of the jawbone in the designated location.

A tooth that has been decayed, fractured, or broken can be replaced by dental implants. A tooth that was removed after an unsuccessful root canal procedure, a tooth that was knocked out in an unfortunate accident, and a tooth that just never grew in at all– what do these teeth have in common? They are all teeth that can be successfully replaced by dental implants.

Take advantage of the growth of implant dentistry and seize the opportunity to permanently improve your smile. Contact either of our convenient locations today for more information about dental implants.