Is it best to get dental implants before or after orthodontic treatment?

If you have been thinking about working towards a healthier and more attractive smile, then you deserve a round of applause! It’s going to be a decision that you’ll never regret because it’s not just about looking better; research has shown that a great smile is better for your overall health.

So, replacing your missing teeth with a couple of dental implants and whipping your smile into shape with braces are two items that are probably high on your list of priorities. But, which comes first? You’ll need help from the professionals to work out the perfect treatment plan. It may be necessary to coordinate your treatment between your general dentist, your orthodontist, and your oral surgeon. Together, this team of experts can make your dream smile become a reality.

To determine whether your implants should be placed before or after you have your teeth straightened, the corresponding specialists will need to consider the logistics of reaching the desired result.

Sometimes it is helpful to straighten and align the teeth in order to make room for a future implant. Where an implant has been planned for placement between two natural teeth, spacing is a major consideration. If the natural teeth have tipped or drifted into the implant’s future location, it may not be possible to place an implant post without repositioning those teeth orthodontically.

In other cases, the implant may serve as a strong anchor for your orthodontic appliances, making the movement of the remaining teeth easier. Part of the reason that the teeth are wired and connected with braces is to harness and control the movement of the teeth as a unit. Under certain circumstances a strong implant post can play an important role in that process. There are even special implant attachments that are designed exclusively for use during the active phase of orthodontic treatment.

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