New Dentures and Still Not Smiling?

If you recently treated yourself to a brand new set of dentures, you might have thought that you were saying good-bye to the dentist for a while.  Hopefully, the process of getting new teeth provided you with the opportunity for a new and improved level of oral health. You may have selected strong, new teeth that could chew your favorite foods. Perhaps you also took the time to specify the shape and size of your denture teeth, along with a bright and fresh shade.

With new dentures, life should be carefree and easy. So, why aren’t you smiling more? The truth is that many patients find it difficult to enjoy life with traditional dentures. Without any dependable means of support, you may find it tough to find a comfortable fit. Even after relines, adjustments, and denture adhesives, your efforts for stability can become frustrating and unsuccessful.

This unfortunate detail is difficult to avoid because, beneath the base of the denture, your gums and jawbone will continually remodel or change in shape without the stimulation of teeth and roots. These changes in dimension will make it virtually impossible to achieve the perfect fit in a conventional denture—unless you recruit a little help.

Our oral surgeons can transform your new conventional denture with the addition of dental implants. Implants can serve as artificial tooth roots under the base of your denture to improve your comfort, stability and function. Whether you opt for the All-on-4 system in which your dentures can be permanently fused to a base of four dental implants, or the removable option referred to as implant supported dentures, there are a number of tried-and-true solutions for your denture.

You will find that your teeth can stay in place, your meals can be enjoyable, and your gums will no longer have to bear the burden of performing the job that was meant for teeth. If you have invested in new dentures, but are still not smiling, talk to our oral surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates about upgrading to dental implants.