Dental Implants vs. Dentures: A Comparison

Patients who need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth have a number of options. They can choose standard dentures, which have improved in quality over the past few decades, or the more technologically advanced dental implants.

Dental implants represent significant progress over conventional dentures because the implants secure the prosthetic arch into the bone. In comparison, conventional dentures rely on dental adhesives to stay in place and those substances often fail.

Implants are so effective because they fuse with the bone in the few months after the oral surgeon inserts them into the jaw.

This single design feature gives dental implants a number of advantages over standard dentures. Not only are implants highly effective at preventing embarrassing slip-ups of the appliance, they help the denture withstand stronger bite forces, allowing patients to continue to enjoy nearly all of their favorite foods.

Furthermore, dental implants stabilize the jawbone. When the teeth’s roots are lost and not replaced, the jaw will erode. This is what causes dentures to lose their fit as the years pass. With implant-supported dentures, this phenomenon does not occur and the appliances retain their fit.

A patient who chooses implant-supported dentures can get that treatment using as few as four dental implants. This is good news for patients who want to get an upgrade after wearing conventional dentures for many years. This All-on-4 technique can help these patients take advantage of dental implants even if extensive bone loss is already present.

The surgical procedure required for dental implant placement is straightforward and relatively short, typically completed in just a few hours. Patients who are anxious about the prospect of surgery should discuss these concerns with the oral surgeon before deciding against dental implants.

If you are pursuing a replacement for all of your upper or lower teeth, carefully consider your choices. Contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to learn more about your options.