Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to expect during the recovery process

Although it is common at this point, wisdom teeth removal is still a surgical procedure and necessitates a certain amount of recovery time. If you prepare in advance and know what to expect, you can increase your chances of an uneventful recovery.

At your initial consultation with your oral surgeon, be sure to bring up any post-operative needs that you may need to anticipate. Your oral surgeon will give you a list of instructions to follow as you recover at home.

If there are no complications following wisdom teeth removal, patients typically can return to their normal routines within a day or two. However, certain issues may arise. Dry sockets are of particular concern for patients who have just had their wisdom teeth removed. This painful condition develops when the blood clots that protect the empty socket either dissolve too early or fail to form at all.

Patients can reduce their chances of getting dry sockets by steering clear of drinking straws for a week or so after the procedure. Smoking also increases your risk of dry sockets, so give up your cigarettes for at least several days, if not permanently.

You will need to make some minor adjustments in the first few days. Switching to softer foods and limiting exercise is recommended. You can continue to keep up with your normal oral hygiene routine beginning the day after the surgery, although you may need to use a gentler technique while brushing and flossing near the surgical site.

Also, you should be aware of any signs of problems like an infection. Excessive bleeding or ongoing bleeding more than 24 hours after the surgery warrants a call to the oral surgeon. If you develop a fever, you should also contact the oral surgeon.

Keep in mind, too, that younger patients generally recover more quickly following wisdom teeth extraction. If you’ve thought about postponing this procedure, remember that waiting may increase your chances of a longer recovery period.

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal and the recovery process, contact the office of Drs. Steven Sherry and John Wallace and schedule your professional consultation today.