Dental Implants: Will my new teeth look natural?

Tooth loss is bad enough to begin with, but an obviously unnatural replacement makes the problem worse. Understandably, most patients hope to fill in a gap in the smile with a prosthetic that has a lifelike aesthetic.

Implant dentistry can help patients achieve that goal. Thanks to modern dental technology, patients now have access to a tooth replacement option that replicates the entire structure of the tooth, including the root. This complete approach results in a restoration that is practically indistinguishable from its biological neighbor.

Dental implants are essentially artificial teeth roots made of titanium that secure the prosthetic crown.

A few months after the oral surgeon places the implant, it will have osseointegrated, or fused with the bone. The biocompatibility of dental implants is their most valuable quality when it comes to both form and function.

Because of their structural properties, dental implants can stand alone as a tooth replacement, unlike a bridge, which requires support from adjacent teeth.

The prosthetic crown held in place by the dental implant is also essential to a natural look. Your crown will be carefully crafted to your unique specifications in terms of shade and shape so that it will blend in with all of your other remaining teeth.

Not only will your new “tooth” look natural, it will also help to prevent further tooth loss. The implant helps to stabilize the jawbone and prevent erosion that can put neighboring teeth at risk. This is an added benefit of this treatment option.

It is also easier for patients to maintain dental implants in comparison with other tooth replacement methods. You brush and floss just like normal because there is no appliance restricting access to the gumline.

Dental implants will help to restore a beautiful smile with a natural appearance. If you must replace a missing tooth, or even a few missing teeth, schedule a consultation at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to learn more about the treatment and the procedures involved.