Why Do Dentures Lose Their Fit?

If you or someone close to you is a denture wearer, you probably know that some appliances gradually lose their fit. Dentures do become looser as the years pass.

This phenomenon occurs because the jawbone atrophies after the teeth are lost and the roots are no longer available to serve as anchors. Over time, the jawbone slowly wears away, and its shape changes. The dentures were designed to fit the jawbone’s original shape, and as that evolves, the appliances must be refitted occasionally. Sometimes, the line of the bone changes so drastically that the patient needs to get a completely new denture.

An ill-fitting denture can be exasperating and uncomfortable for a patient, but an oral surgeon can provide dental implants to stop the jawbone atrophy, improve the denture’s fit and eliminate the need for future adjustments.

Implant supported dentures can prevent the process of jawbone resorption. The dental implants are essentially stand-ins for the absent roots, and they keep the jawbone in place.

By the time a denture wearer turns to implants, extensive bone loss may have already occurred. Of course, bone loss in long-term denture wearers is of some concern during the dental implant planning process, as patients need to have sufficient bone to support the implant’s integration.

Fortunately, certain techniques allow patients with advanced bone loss to take advantage of implants nonetheless. As few as four implants can secure a denture, so these patients may be helped with strategically placed implants to maximize available bone. Bone grafts can also be used to provide supplemental bone in some cases.

Not only do implant-supported dentures fit better, they also reduce your chances of an embarrassing slip up. Many patients also find it easier to speak and eat with dental implants, as they feel more like your natural teeth.

Denture wearers who are tired of having their appliances periodically relined and replaced should consider switching to implant supported dentures. They’re more convenient and durable, and they’ll give you more security at the same time.

If you are having issues with your dentures not fitting as they used to, contact our experienced team of oral surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates and schedule an informative consultation.