It’s time to replace my dentures: What are my options?

Long-term denture wearers realize the appliances lose their fit over time and periodically need to be relined so that they continue to stay in place.

This phenomenon occurs because the jawbone shrinks, changing shape after the teeth are lost.

Before you invest in that new set of dentures, you may want to consult with an implant dentist. Dental implants can help stop jawbone loss, meaning that your next denture may be your last.

When the implant is in your jaw, the titanium posts will fuse with the jawbone. Not only does this provide a sturdy support for a denture (and eliminate the need for unappealing dental adhesives!), it also stabilizes the jaw.

Because dental implants act as teeth roots, the denture will stay in place more securely than with adhesives alone. This gives patients a number of benefits. The implant supported denture won’t slip out of place at inopportune moments. They will feel more natural, and patients who choose implant-supported dentures are able to enjoy a more varied diet.

Dental implants do require a certain amount of bone in place to support them, and this can be a concern for patients who have worn dentures for many years. Extensive bone loss can limit implant success.

Fortunately, the implant dentist can use certain techniques to get around bone loss. One of these is All-on-4 implants, in which four implants are placed toward the front of the jaw, where the bone atrophy does not progress as quickly. The implant supported denture is then anchored by those four implants. Most patients who want dental implants will qualify for this procedure.

In those rare cases when a patient is not appropriate for All-on-4 implants, another alternative is a bone graft to provide supplemental bone material to sustain the implants.

This does extend the treatment timeline by several months, but it can be worthwhile if the end outcome of dental implant success is achieved.

If you are frustrated with your dentures and would more information on dental implants, contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates today to schedule an informative consultation.