Reclaim a More Youthful Appearance with Dental Implants

Many people associate tooth loss with aging, and indeed absent teeth can make patients look older than their years. For edentulous patients, or those who have lost all of their teeth, the effect is even more dramatic, as the jawbone shrinks too, creating a pinched appearance around the mouth.

Implant dentistry can help people overcome the prematurely aged appearance associated with tooth loss. Specialists in this field can offer patients a lifelike restoration while preventing atrophy and stabilizing the underlying jawbone.

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw by an oral surgeon, and they can be used in combination with an artificial crown, bridge or denture. The implants then fuse with the bone over the course of several months. Implants are unique among tooth replacement techniques because they are the only devices that replace the absent tooth’s root in addition to the crown.

Patients with missing teeth are not as concerned about the root, which is hidden from view, but that part of the tooth’s structure plays an important role in the smile’s appearance. Dental implants anchor the jaw in place. As such, they minimize the bone loss that leads to a shrunken appearance around the mouth.

The prosthetics themselves are so realistic that an average observer is likely to have trouble distinguishing the implant from its biological neighbor.

Additionally, dental implants are remarkably stable. Other appliances, like fixed dental bridges or dentures, will need to be replaced periodically as the shape of the jaw changes, but dental implants can last for decades if you take good care of them. Not only do dental implants improve the appearance, but they are also more convenient and require fewer trips to the dentist for additional work.

Whether you’ve lost your teeth to oral disease or injury, don’t resign yourself to looking older before your time. Explore implant dentistry as a tooth replacement method that will help to restore your youthful appearance.

To find out how dental implants can benefit your smile, contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to schedule an informative consultation.