Implant Supported Dentures for Stability and Peace of Mind

As most denture wearers can tell you, the appliances are far from reliable. Many denture wearers have to worry that their dentures will slip out of place at a most inopportune time. They may also have to eliminate favorite foods from their diets because dentures aren’t always good at chewing.

Fortunately, a better option is available. Implant supported dentures represent a significant improvement on the conventional devices.

With this treatment, the oral surgeon places a number of dental implants into the jawbone, and those implants secure an existing or newly created denture. Over time, the titanium implants fuse with the bone, becoming a permanent fixture in the mouth. When cared for properly, implants will last for decades.

Implant supported dentures are much more stable than conventional dentures. The appliance will not slip out of place, and no denture adhesives are necessary. Not only does this characteristic improve a patient’s aesthetics, it also results in better function of the replacement teeth. Implant supported dentures can withstand greater forces than a standard denture can, which means that they are more effective at chewing a wider variety of foods.

Dental implants also anchor the jawbone because they replace some of the missing teeth’s roots. This prevents the jawbone erosion that occurs when the roots are absent, as with conventional dentures. It also ensures that the denture will fit properly for years because the shape of the jawbone will not change and compromise the denture’s fit.

With all of these benefits, patients who choose implant supported dentures have much greater peace of mind. They recognize that their appliances are anchored into their mouth and don’t have to worry about an embarrassing slip-up or a changing jawbone.

If you are facing the extraction of all of your upper or lower teeth (or both!) or you already have dentures and are looking for a better solution, talk to our knowledgeable team at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates about implant supported dentures. You’ll benefit from them for decades to come.