Is it possible to use an existing denture with dental implants?

Sometimes, patients who initially chose conventional dentures regret that decision and want to pursue dental implants. These patients may want to keep their existing dentures and have them adapted to fit with the implants. An oral surgeon can use an existing denture with implants.

Dental implants will greatly improve the comfort and fit of an existing denture. When implants are in place, the denture is more secure and it feels more lifelike. There’s no need to use a bad-tasting adhesive to hold the denture in place.

Implant-supported dentures also preserve better chewing function than that offered by conventional dentures.

The oral surgeon can perform the implant placement procedure and retrofit the denture to accommodate implants right in the office. The denture will need to be altered, with channels being drilled into the bottom of the denture to allow it to slide over the dental implants.

Even with the surgical procedure and the denture alterations, the whole process may be completed in a single day.

In the months following the surgery, the titanium implants will fuse with the jawbone, making the implants a permanent part of the mouth’s structure. This process gives implant-supported dentures superior stability.

Dental implants are particularly valuable to denture wearers because the implants prevent jawbone resorption. The implants actually replicate the roots of missing teeth, serving as an anchor for the jawbone. This quality of implants is instrumental in their permanence as a solution for tooth loss.

Of course, if you have been wearing your denture for some length of time and the shape of your jawbone has changed, you may need to get the denture refitted or have a new appliance created for you.

Dental implants come with significant benefits, including improved strength, appearance and durability. If you originally opted for standard dentures but have since changed your mind, consult with our experienced oral surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to learn if you can get implants to support your existing dentures.