Preserve Natural Teeth with Dental Implants

The necessity of replacing missing teeth is not a new concept. Even before the modern age of dentistry, it seems that the cultures of the previous centuries have attempted to replace teeth. Though these attempts may have appeared to be rudimentary or crude in the early civilizations, it is clear that the need to replace teeth has been serious enough to warrant the ongoing effort. Still, these efforts fell short of complete success until very recently.

With the increasing success of implant dentistry, there is a greater probability that you can replace your missing teeth while overcoming just about all of the limitations of other available solutions. Aligning yourself with a talented and experienced oral surgeon is the best way to replace your missing teeth while preserving the integrity of the remaining natural teeth.

Traditionally, artificial teeth could only be stabilized by anchoring, attaching, or clasping one or more neighboring teeth. In return for the stable artificial tooth, the strength of the neighboring teeth had to be significantly compromised. In many cases, healthy tooth structure had to be removed, and in other cases the additional stress contributed to sensitivity and bone loss.

Though these types of restorations are still in use today, the more conservative alternative, dental implants have been proven to be the healthiest solution available.

Dental implants offer both direct and indirect advantages for preserving your natural teeth. By anchoring to the underlying bone rather than the neighboring teeth, the implants do not create any unnecessary stress or require the removal of any tooth structure. By preventing the neighboring teeth from drifting out of position, implants can also prevent bone loss, gum recession, and periodontal disease.

Implants are the only permanent tooth loss solution that does not rely on the adjacent teeth for support. If your goal is to protect your natural teeth and restore your smile with a high-quality solution, talk to our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, serving Dallas Texas, about the many advantages of dental implants.