At What Age Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The process of wisdom teeth removal is one that is typically more comfortable and less problematic when the patient is relatively young and healthy. For most patients, the ideal age range is between 17 and 23 years old. Though wisdom teeth can be removed at any age, there are a few considerable reasons to support your decision to have the teeth removed earlier rather than later.

Faster healing. A young patient who is in good health can expect to recover from oral surgery in only a few days. A youthful immune system can quickly recover from the procedure with few anticipated complications. As we age, underlying health conditions and medications can contribute to a slower and more difficult healing period.

More predictable procedure. During the late teens and early twenties, the jaw bone is less dense and the tooth roots are sometimes unformed. This enables your oral surgeon to remove the teeth swiftly and smoothly. In contrast, the procedure for removing wisdom teeth in older patients can become more complicated due to the presence of dense bone and fully formed root anatomy.

Decreased risk for dental diseases. The wisdom teeth have been known to contribute to a great deal of dental diseases. Tooth decay, gum disease, and cysts can compromise your health and damage the neighboring teeth. Choosing to have the wisdom teeth removed can reduce your risk for these unnecessary problems. Ignoring your dentist’s recommendation to have the teeth removed can heighten your chances of facing one or more of these preventable conditions.

It is important to realize that age alone is not the factor that determines when the wisdom teeth should be removed. In fact, many adults will not need to have the teeth removed at all. A complete examination by an experienced oral surgeon is the only definitive way to determine if the wisdom teeth could pose a risk to your health either today or in the future.

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