I’ve worn dentures for years: Am I still a candidate for dental implants?

Some edentulous patients originally pick dentures because they seem budget-friendly in comparison to other options. Indeed, the original sticker price may appear to be low, but after the patient has to replace the dentures a few times, their true cost becomes evident.

Others may be leery of the surgical procedure involved in placing dental implants, or they may have gotten their dentures before dental implants were as readily available and reliable as they are today.

Regardless of their motivations, patients who initially choose dentures to replace missing teeth often become dissatisfied with the appliances and look for alternatives in dental implants that secure a prosthetic arch of teeth.

When dental implants are placed by an oral surgeon, the titanium screw-like structures offer a number of benefits and advantages over standard dentures. They are stable and long-lasting, becoming a permanent part of the jaw structure.

Dental implants also prevent the embarrassing slip-ups that may occur—at the most inopportune times—when a denture shifts out of place.

Because titanium dental implants fuse with the jawbone, candidates must have enough bone material to facilitate that osseointegration. However, long-time denture wearers may have significant jawbone erosion that may complicate this process. In the absence of teeth’s roots, the bone begins to wear away.

Nearly any patient should be appropriate for dental implants at some point. However, some candidates may need to explore different techniques or additional procedures to ensure dental implant success.

When that jawbone erosion is extensive enough, it requires creative solutions to make sure that patients remain eligible for dental implants. One such strategy involves placing a number of dental implants toward the front of the jaw and using those to secure an artificial arch of teeth.

In some cases, when a dental implant must be placed in location with severe jawbone atrophy, a preliminary bone graft surgery may be needed to boost the available bone in the vicinity.

Dental implants offer many benefits, so if you are a long-term denture wearer looking to make a switch, talk with our experienced oral surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates to learn more about the conditions that must be met for dental implants.