Factors to Consider When Choosing Dental Implants

Missing teeth have a number of negative effects on aspects from appearance to nutrition to speech.

Patients who have lost teeth due to decay, disease or injury have a number of alternatives for replacement. Dental implants, dentures, partial dentures or dental bridges may all be possibilities, depending on the number of teeth that have been lost.

Anyone who is contemplating a tooth replacement should weigh a number of characteristics in the process of deciding which route to take. Cost, convenience, performance and longevity should all be factors for consideration.

When considered over time, the cost of dental implants will be similar to that of the other methods. Dental implants last much longer than bridges, partials or dentures, so when doing a cost comparison, patients should factor in the need to replace the other tooth replacement appliances every 5-10 years.

Dental implants hold an edge over the other choices in terms of convenience. Caring for dental implants is identical to maintaining biological teeth, and dental implants require no adjustments to a patient’s diet either.

In terms of performance, dental implants outshine their peers, as well. Only dental implants replace the entire structure of the missing tooth, including the root.

Although many patients are primarily concerned with filling in for the tooth’s visible crown, the root is just as important to the smile’s appearance. When a root is missing, the jawbone begins to erode. As this occurs, the skin around the mouth becomes pinched, making the patient appear older than the true chronological age.

That jawbone resorption also limits the longevity of dentures and dental bridges. The shape of the jawbone is constantly changing, and as a result, denture wearers must be re-fitted for new appliances every several years. Dental bridges are not permanent either, and they need to be replaced after around a decade.

When deciding on which tooth replacement method is best for your particular case, consult with our team at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, serving the DFW area, to learn about the benefits of each option, along with any disadvantages. Be certain to make a well-informed choice that best fits your needs.