Financing Options for Dental Implants

For many dental patients, there are a number of barriers that can come between the treatment that is best for you and the treatment that is best for your budget.  Our dental team understands this challenge. That’s why it is important to work together to find the solutions that are best for your health as well as your finances.

When your oral surgeon has recommended dental implants, this partnership becomes even more important. The cost of dental implants can be an understandable consideration for many patients. There is little doubt that dental implants are the best tooth replacement choice for almost every patient. Simply communicating with your dental team can open the door to a greater understanding of your financing options.

Dental implants are made from specially formulated titanium designed to fuse permanently with the jawbone. Due to a process known as osseointegration, bone loss is prevented and dental implants will not slip or otherwise broadcast the fact that you have replacement teeth.

CareCredit, a leader in medical and dental financing, has made dental treatment affordable for millions of patients. By offering an assortment of no-interest and low-interest payment plans, dental patients can select the most appropriate plan for their individual needs. Once your oral surgeon has detailed your dental implant treatment plan, the office’s financial coordinator can estimate the total cost of treatment. With this information, the dental office staff can guide you through the quick and simple pre-approval process.

Many employers now offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Medical Savings Accounts (MSA). These financial products enable patients to contribute pre-tax earnings that may be used to cover medical and dental expenses. Typically, dental implants and the related surgical procedures can be financed in this manner. It is important that you consult your plan administrator prior to beginning treatment for a description of your allowances and limitations.

If you are considering dental implants, it can be reassuring to know that there is a financing option to suit your needs. Contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates and schedule an appointment today to learn more.