Dental implants: A great remedy for tooth loss

What’s the best way to replace a missing tooth? With another tooth, of course! The answer may seem simple, but the truth is, there is much confusion about tooth replacement. With so many advances in modern dentistry, there are virtually no limits to your restorative options. There are multiple available options, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Even with the vast number of treatment options, there is one interesting fact. Only one tooth replacement solution exists that can accurately imitate the structure and appearance of your natural tooth. Dental implants in Dallas TX have been widely used to successfully replace missing teeth for more than three decades. Implants have continued to gain increasing recognition for their versatility, longevity, and esthetic appeal.

The similarities between dental implants and your natural teeth make implants a great remedy for tooth loss. After a consultation and discussion with your oral surgeon, the root portion of the implant is placed into the jaw bone. This artificial root is made from a specially coated titanium post that is readily accepted by the human body.

After the artificial root has fully healed, it can be restored with a fully functional dental crown or similar restoration. The ability to bite, chew, and smile can be realized soon after the implant has been placed. Compared to other tooth replacement choices such as bridges or partials, the implant has been proven to function at a much higher level.  Patients immediately notice that their biting pattern feels more stable and comfortable.

Esthetically, dental implants continue to receive accolades when used to replace the front teeth or the back teeth. Your oral surgeon may even recommend dental implants to replace all of the top or bottom teeth. Because dental implants are not bulky or oversized, they can blend seamlessly with the neighboring teeth.

When you are faced with the loss of a tooth, your top priority is a replacement that can meet your needs. To learn why dental implants are such a fantastic remedy for tooth loss, contact our experienced team at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates for an appointment today