What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Whenever the terminology of oral or maxillofacial surgery is used, we know the discussion will involve surgery of the mouth, jaws, neck, face and skull.  The skill level of the specialists working on patients is very high as they have had to complete many years of specialized training to attain their specialty degree.  Knowing this offers comfort and confidence to patients who are proceeding with dental implants in DFW.

Oral surgeons perform many procedures from removing impacted third molars (wisdom teeth) to more complex surgeries that can involve the rebuilding of bone and addressing many facial corrections.  One of the primary surgeries performed is the placement of dental implants.

A dental implant is a device much like a screw made from a titanium type material.  This screw is surgically placed in gum tissue where one or more teeth are missing.  The screw will eventually adhere to the jaw bone working much like the root of a natural tooth.

In order to place a successful dental implant, the dental provider or surgeon will take x-rays, or possibly a CT scan, to determine the level of bone strength where the implant will be placed.  In order for the implant to work, it must fuse to bone tissue to provide stability for the restoration that will eventually cover the implant.

If it is determined that the patient is lacking the bone to provide a dental implant, there is a procedure called bone grafting that allows the oral surgeon to basically stimulate bone growth by providing a bone graft to the area needed.  Upon healing, the implant will be placed in the gum tissue where four to six months later the implant will have fused to the bone.

During the healing process, a protective temporary restoration is placed over the dental implant.  Once the oral surgeon is satisfied that healing is completed, the patient visits the dentist for the final cosmetic procedure.  Whether it is a single implant or something more extensive like an implant supported bridge, the dentist will make a final restoration to match the shape and shade of the natural surrounding teeth.

This wonderful process can restore one’s confidence and the simple joy of eating and laughing, but it all starts with the talents of the best oral surgeons serving DFW. To learn more and to schedule a consultation, please call Dallas Oral Surgery Associates today.