Dental Implants: An investment worth smiling about

implant dentistry DallasAnyone who is looking at the prospect of having to replace one or more teeth for any reason can most certainly face the dilemma of which procedure to move forward with as there are many resolutions.  A possibility worth investigation is implant dentistry in Dallas.

A dental implant should be considered if one is seeking a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing result over a quick fix that may need to be redone one or more times.  Other considerations one should think about is the long term problems you face if you have one or more missing teeth.  The ability to eat and speak with ease are impacted by missing teeth.  Not to mention the complications faced as the remaining teeth shift out of their correct position, which is natural when teeth are missing over a period of time, resulting in the possible need of more intense facial surgery or bone grafting.

Whether you have one or several teeth missing, the result obtained with dental implants will make you wonder how you ever considered anything else.  A dental implant is a device much like a small screw that is surgically placed in the gum tissue.  As the implant heals, it grafts on to existing bone providing you a lifetime of stability much like the strong root structure of a natural tooth.  During the healing process of four to six months, a temporary restoration is made to cover and protect the dental implant.

Once the healing process is completed, a permanent restoration is made to match the shape and shade of surrounding teeth to give the feel and appearance of your natural teeth.  Compare this process to getting a partial, bridge or denture.  All of these dental appliances are acceptable, but not one of them can offer you the stability, appearance and feel of the dental implant and accompanying restoration.

A conversation with your dental provider will answer any questions about the procedures available, and the investment each will involve in time spent, possible needs to repeat procedures, financial investment and final result.

Even though the initial investment might make those other options appealing, over time the likelihood of having to replace a partial, bridge or denture is almost a certainty.  However a dental implant becomes a permanent part of your anatomy giving this choice long term stability and making dental implants an investment worth smiling about.

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